Embroidery Sampling Workshop

by ThreadMaidens

The ThreadMaidens Sampling Workshop is a one-on-one session to sample a simple embroidery within an hour session. During this time, we will help you embroider your designs onto your own garments!

This workshop is perfect for one-offs, small editions or testing and tweaking a design before sending it to an industrial embroidery service.

We host these workshops every other Wednesday and the last Saturday of the month.

The cost for the session includes:

The cost for the session does not include:

Please send your artwork 48 hours before your appointment to [email protected]
This is so we can digitise your file and advise the best approach - it’s important that you do this to maximise your sewing time and walk away with a more polished embroidery.

All images are examples of what can be done in 1 hour, each having an approximate stitch time of 11 minutes.