Open Barbers

by Amy Pennington

The result of a 5 month residency at the Trans led Queer friendly hairdressers Open Barbers in Hoxton, London. During this time Amy drew over 200 portraits of clients getting their haircut, organised open workshops with Rudy Lowe, Scottee, Linda Stupart, Greygory Vass and Gendered Intelligence. The residency culminated in the exhibition ‘Assuming Too Much’ and the launch of the published and editioned Lookbook. The Lookbook allows clients to browse cuts and styles that don’t assume their gender, and is still used by Open Barbers hairdressers today. Funded by the Arts Council England, 2016.

Litho Printed by TJ International, Padstow

Typesetting by Christian Brett, Bracket Press

Published by Amy Pennington in Collaboration with Open Barbers

Foil Blocking
Section Sewn