An Exploration of Genderqueerness in Folklore

by Ripley Fletcher

A collective investigation of the stories and tales of characters from our past who lived outside cultural gender binaries, curating tales from around the world that showcase and explore ideas of gender fluidity and queerness from our global anthropological history.

Folktales and mythology serve a cultural role as a space where, throughout history, we as people have explored ideas of the strange, the other, things that exist outside of our understood normalities. By looking through these woven tales we can gain an understanding of how genderqueer people lived and existed over history and gain incredible insight into the lives and stories of such individuals.

Written and illustrated by myself, and edited and curated by my close friend and writer Stefania Ilieva, the zine is my first printed public project of a series I wish to continue in my reach and practice moving forward. The written work informs and serves as the base of my large-scale watercolour painting practice where I use the medium to interpret and retell the stories I documented through zine making.

Saddle Stitch